Al Jazeera’s ‘Inside Story’ ran a 30 minute special on the UN’s ongoing sexual abuse crisis

Recent investigations have revealed systemic sexual abuse perpetrated by peacekeepers and attempted cover-ups by the United Nations. Victims of sexual abuse often do not receive adequate care and their attackers are almost never convicted. As the UN pours more resources into investigating the issue, more allegations of sexual abuse turn up – indicating that the problem is more widespread than we know.  Reforms designed to prevent abuse and prosecute abusers have mostly fallen flat.  On friday the UN revealed that there were 99 registered allegations of sexual abuse in 2015, up dramatically from the year before.

Al Jazeera’s ‘Inside Story‘ dedicated their half hour timeslot to shedding light on the issue – giving it much needed attention and hopefully adding mounting pressure to reform a system that is badly broken.

Their producer invited me on to discuss the issue along with Steve Cockburn of Amnesty International and Seth Earn, legal advisor to the Code Blue campaign to end immunity and sexual exploitation.

You can watch the program in full here. 


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